ADMECO – your experts for air supply and ventilation systems, media supply bridges, and surgical lights in operating theatres and medical practices

The aim of all developments and products at ADMECO is the highest level of sterility for reducing the risk of infection in operating theatres. ADMECO is the only manufacturer in the world to combine operating theatre air supply and ventilation systems, surgical lights, and media supply bridges with millimetre precision and without gaps in its ADMECO AREA solution for the operating theatre as a whole.

From wall to wall from a single source

Air supply and recirculation systems for patients and surgical staff, surgical lights, or energy supply bridges – everything in the operating theatre or surgery room must be coordinated and positioned in a well thought-out manner. Only technology that is ideally coordinated and reliable can guarantee the highest standard of sterility, thus reducing the risk of infections (postoperative infections) in the operating theatre.

At ADMECO, you receive a complete and coordinated product range from a single source. Our integrated operating theatre (OT) solution AREA with its components OT airflow systems, media supply bridges, and surgical lights provides patients and staff in your operating theatres with safety, sterility, and thermal comfort.

Holistic solutions

Innovations for the benefit of our customers and the development of tailor-made products form the basis of our success. Whether operating room air systems, media supply, or surgical lights: Our unique expertise, innovative strength, and flexibility ensure the ADMECO room solution meets the highest quality standards and represents an investment in the future for our customers, harmonizing hygiene, comfort, safety, and operating costs in an impressive way.

ADMECO’s comprehensive consulting services, together with targeted planning, enable the intelligent and individual realisation of your ideas and wishes. Experience our holistic solutions from wall to wall and benefit from minimised interfaces.