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AIR: Supply and recirculation air systems

High-efficiency LTF outlets

For operating theatres and preparation rooms

In order to reduce airborne pollutants locally in the operating theatre, ADMECO offers a wide range of different ventilation systems for effective dilution of pollutants, for stable germ displacement and for protection from contamination of instruments on the instrument table in the protected area of the operating theatre. Depending on the application, ADMECO supplies differential distributors permitting dynamic flow with higher speeds in the core zone of the operating theatre’s protected area, for example to reduce negative flow patterns resulting from surgical lights.

A commitment to the future

For the purpose of planning new buildings and renovating exiting operating theatres, clinics use the current spectrum of surgical interventions as well as the spectrum to be expected over the next 5 –10 years as a basis. As part of the planning process, the fact that antibiotics are becoming increasingly less efficient (build-up of resistance) while physical protection measures will become more and more important is taken into account.

The ADMECO double-sealing system removes any leak using suction

In order to eliminate this leak and prevent any contamination of the clean room, ADMECO has trusted for more than 30 years in its proven double-sealing system for its ceiling ventilation systems for clean rooms. ADMECO provides the clean room with a double protection with the double-sealing system, which was originally intended as nuclear reactor and laboratory technology.


Instruments belong under an LTF outlet

Sterile instruments are a fundamental component of asepsis in operating theatres. To ensure that they continue to be sterile up to the time they are used, instrument tables must be situated in the protected and sterile area of the operation theatre (LTF outlet).

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