LUX: SOL20 Surgical lights

The premium surgical light

For all applications

In a surgical operation, every move has to be right. The basic requirement for this is the perfect display of the wound area. For that reason, choosing the right surgical light is of great importance. Thanks to true-to-life brightness, optimum contrasts and easy handling, SOL20 surgical lights are equal to any challenge.

Maximum intensity

Demands on surgical lights today are higher than ever before. With the SOL20 surgical lights, ADMECO has continued the tradition of an airflow-optimised design for such lights. Maximum light in the wound area, no shadows and fast and easy operation on the light head, using the graphic, self-explanatory operator interface, are but some of the outstanding features of the SOL20 surgical lights.

Always up to date thanks to modular technology

One characteristic feature of the SOL20 surgical light is the modular concept. This system permits customers to adopt all future improvements in the luminous power of LEDs simply and independently and thus to integrate them into their personal surgical lights. With this revisable LED technology, ADMECO ensures that its customer will be able to enjoy surgical lights at ever lower energy consumptions in the future.

Infinitely adjustable colour temperature

With individually infinitely adjustable colour temperatures from 3300 K to 5500 K, ADMECO increases patient safety. Visibility of contrasts in highly or little perfused tissue can be improved through adjustment of the colour temperature. In that way, the perfect colour temperature is ensured at the operating table at all times, thus making operating less tiring and at the same time helping with concentration.

HD camera with premium claim

With an HD camera with 2 million pixels, in the camera sector, too, ADMECO offers a premium solution for outstanding picture quality on large screens. The HD camera is integrated into the main light or supplied on a separate arm if required. The camera is flexibly installed and can thus be attached or removed depending on the area of application.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Flicker-free light
  • Control panel on light head with integrated endolight mode
  • Lossless dimming
  • Anti-reflective cover glass
  • Precise light distribution
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Colour temperature continuously adjustable between 3300 K to 5500 K
  • Colour rendering index ≥ 97 CRI (Ra)
  • Easiest maneuverability for the surgeon via the universal grip
  • Immediate 100% luminous power
  • Minimal energy requirements
  • Upgradeable to the latest technology at any time
  • No illuminant change needed as before (lifespan of over 20 years or 50 000 hours)
  • Maximum luminous power on the wound area in the most compact form
  • HD camera optional