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Efficient energy consumption with recirculation air systems

More safety for patients and OT teams with LTF outlets

ADMECO recirculation ceilings with their integrated small fans allow large outlets for operating theatres, even where they are supplied with small air volumes from a centralized air conditioning plant. Cool air from the centralized air conditioning plant is homogeneously mixed with the warmed recycled air from the OR to create a comfortable temperature for the OR staff and the patients.

The total air volume is blown into the operating theatre’s protection area through high-performance HEPA filters as a sterile low turbulence displacement flow, optional with a differential flow with a higher core and a lower peripheral velocity. The operating theatre protection area includes, in addition to the operating area, the operating team wearing sterile clothes, the patient cover and open material and instrument tables.

With a compact installation height of just 450 mm, the ADMECO recirculation ceilings are suitable for any size of room. The mean sound level in a ready-to-use OT is 44 dB(A).

Size of the LTF outlet

The size of an LTF outlet is individually determined by the space required for the surgeons, scrub nurses and the sterile instruments’ place of installation. If sterile instruments and utensils are to be opened and prepared in sterile areas, these must also be in the sterile zone. The task specified under German standard DIN 1946-4 of restricting the level of airborne bacteria in areas requiring particular protection (operating field and instrument tables) can only be met by the use of larger recirculation air systems measuring, for example 3.20 x 3.20 m.


CH-Crans-Montana, Summit Clinic, OT 1 | ADMECO

CH-Crans-Montana, Summit Clinic

DE-SOEST, Marienkrankenhaus


operating theatre for urology at the Ospedale Regionale di Mendrisio in Mendrisio, Switzerland, with recirculation air ceiling system | ADMECO