LUX: Surgical lights ADMECO LUX LED

Airflow optimised construction

For maximum sterility

Sterility in the operating theatre is the basic requirement for the prevention of post-operative infections, complication-free treatment and ultimately the success of an operation.

For that reason, ventilation systems in operating theatres have to keep the patient’s wound area and instrument tables sterile and free from airborne micro-organisms. Surgical lights are the most important source of disturbance to ventilation systems in operating theatres.

Specifically developed for the use under sterile air ceilings

Sealed light units in operating theatres cause major interruption to the low-turbulence uni-directional airflow of modern sterile air systems and prevent the sterile air actually arriving on the operating table. As early as the 1980s, ADMECO therefore developed the completely airflow-optimised ADMECO LUX surgical light in open construction, with an external circle of only 40 cm, particularly for use beneath ventilated air-flow ceilings.

High-efficiciency LED technology

All lights in the ADMECO LUX range (SL and EL) are equipped with the latest LED high-performance technology and thus ensure maximum light intensity in every wound area.

SOL20-5 with intergrated HD camera

The premium surgical light