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AREA: OT-Concepts

Engineered to perfection.

As the only manufacturer in the world, ADMECO combines OT air-flow systems AIR, surgical lights LUX and media supply bridges MED with millimetre accuracy and without gaps to the ADMECO AREA Concept for the operating theatre as a whole.

Air supply and recirculation systems for patients and staff, surgical lights, energy supply bridges – a concept operating theatre has to fulfil many diverse but related functions Only technology that is ideally coordinated and reliable can guarantee the highest standard of sterility, thus reducing the risk of infections (post-operative infections) in the operating theatre. For more than 35 years, ADMECO has been manufacturing innovative, safe products and systems for state of the art operating theatres, recovery rooms and intensive care units.

AREA components

ADMECO AIR: supply & recirculation air systems
High efficiency LTF outlets for OTs and instrument setup stations, optional with differential distributors.
ADMECO LUX: surgical lights
Flow-permeable surgical lights, especially designed for application under clean air ceilings.
ADMECO MED: media supply bridges
Media supply and equipment carrier, ensures the clean separation between sterile operating theatre zone and non-sterile operating theatre edge area.

CH-Lausanne, MV SANTÉ Beaumont

CH-Saxon, Clinique CIC Valais

DE-Freiburg, St. Josefskrankenhaus (RkK)