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MED: Media supply bridges

The medical supply unit in the OT

The simply logical concept

The air germ level in the sterile operating theatre zone, the protection area, must be kept as low as possible in the operating theatre. The patient and operating theatre team must be protected against infections. To this end, a ventilation system brings clean air into the central operating theatre via a LTF supply air ceiling. There is a clear separation of the sterile operating theatre zone and operating theatre edge area. To continue this clear separation consistently, the area around the sterile operating theatre zone is ideally suited to install medical infrastructure.

ADMECO media supply bridges are available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides. To ensure asepsis, the operating level of the media supply bridge is invariably placed on the outside and hence away from the sterile area.

Individual workstation

All the necessary electric, gas, and energy connections are installed where they are needed. Equipment carriers for placing various medical devices and a torque of 1200 Nm enable almost unlimited use.

More safety in the operating theatre

Stumbling traps from cables and hoses lying on the floor no longer exist. The operating theatre can be quickly and easily cleaned in between operations. The individually adjusted passage height and the ergonomic reachability of all technical components significantly improve operating procedures and hygiene within the operating theatre.


CH-Crans-Montana, Summit Clinic, OT 1 | ADMECO

CH-Crans-Montana, Summit Clinic

DE-SOEST, Marienkrankenhaus

recirculation air systems, differential flow and media supply bridge at Clinique CIC Riviera | ADMECO

CH-Clarens, Clinique CIC Riviera

recirculation air systems, surgical lights with integrated HD camera and media supply bridge at Krankenhaus Buchholz Winsen | ADMECO

DE-Winsen (Luhe), Krankenhaus Buchholz und Winsen

new operating theatre n° 4 at the Privatklinik Linde | ADMECO

CH-Biel, Privatklinik Linde, Mitglied der Privatklinikgruppe Hirslanden