30 years of experience – ADMECO AG


Technology in harmony with the environment

ADMECO combines traditional manufacturing with state-of-the-art high-tech production. Consideration of the environment and a responsible production process are both important factors in this. ADMECO products have been developed in such a way as to ensure the longest possible product life. Guaranteed long-term availability of spares is a matter of course.

Responsible use of natural resources

For ADMECO, environmental awareness in all actions is one of the pillars of corporate policy. This does not just mean the careful use of natural resources and the development of energy-saving systems, but also the avoidance of waste through the implementation of high environmental standards in development and production. This target is achieved through the use of reusable materials as well as the economical use of raw materials and energy. Compliance with these high environmental standards is actively supported by the Board and monitored annually to ensure that ADMECO meets tomorrow’s strict environmental conditions today.


ADMECO has set itself the target of reducing energy consumption not only in the production process, but also by the products themselves. For that reason, each new product development automatically includes a reduction in electricity consumption, thus sparing the environment and saving energy costs.


Noise damages health. In the development of new products, the ADMECO development department therefore focuses on avoiding or reducing operating noises.