AIR: ADMECO Supply air systems FFD

Sterile air for every operating theatre

Sterile area for patients, OT team and instruments

Surface filter ceilings are used where a centralized air conditioning plant can generate an airflow sufficient for a large exhaust field. The supply air ceiling offers maximum operational safety, low bacteria concentrations at the operating table and low operating costs. The homogenous supply of air provided by the HEPA filter surface facilitates the use of either single- layer laminar fabric or mini-perforated plates.

The sterile air is blown into the operating theatre’s protection area via the entire outlet surface at low levels of turbulence. The operating theatre protection area includes, in addition to the operating area, the operating team wearing sterile clothes, the patient cover and open material and instrument tables. Although the standard installation height is 400 mm, minimum installation heights of 220 mm is feasible in certain projects. This compact construction offers customers considerable leeway in the lay-out of ductconnections.

The size of the LTF outlet

The size of an LTF outlet is individually determined by the space required for the surgeons, scrub nurses and the sterile instruments’ place of installation. If sterile instruments and utensils are to be opened and prepared in sterile areas, these must also be in the sterile zone. The task specified under German standard DIN 1946-4 of restricting the level of airborne bacteria in areas requiring particular protection (operating field and instrument tables) can only be met by the use of larger recirculation air systems measuring, for example 3.20 x 3.20 m.

Although we offer a range of standard sizes for surface filter ceilings, ADMECO’s signature is its strong emphasis on developing customized solutions.