Corporate history of ADMECO AG

ADMECO AG was founded in 1984 as a successor to Allo Pro AG, a company that manufactured artificial joints from 1968 to 1983. Together with the customers of that time, Pierre van den Wildenberg, the founder of ADMECO AG, developed room ventilation systems, so-called laminar flow cabinets, so that the prostheses could be implanted under clean conditions. The observations and experience gained in this field led Pierre van den Wildenberg to develop better operating theatres than he often encountered. Since 1984, ADMECO AG has been creating concepts and products for state-of-the-art operating theatres, recovery rooms, intensive care units, and private medical practices.

Originally established as a company in the field of operating room ventilation technology, ADMECO has grown from a local manufacturer of operating theatre ventilation systems to the world’s only full-service provider (development, production, installation) of solutions for the entire operating theatre. Along the way, the vision of a two-zone concept in the operating theatre (sterile OT protection area and non-sterile peripheral OP zone) has always played the central role. Today, ADMECO is still the only supplier of complete operating room solutions in the world, with partners around the globe.

Approximately 25 employees provide for the well-being and satisfaction of doctors and patients around the globe. The cooperation between the individual divisions ADMECO AIR (operating theatre air supply and recirculation systems), ADMEDCO LUX (surgical lights), and ADMECO MED (media supply bridges) is a priority. This close cooperation ensures that the requirements of a modern operating theatre or medical practice are met with millimetre precision and in an economical manner, while at the same time achieving the highest degree of protection.

Since January 2020, ADMECO has been a proud part of the SCHAKO Group. ADMECO is based in Hochdorf, Switzerland, the company’s headquarters and production site.