LUX: Surgical and examination lights ADMECO LUX LED EL

A sensible investment

Uncompromising quality

As an extremely efficient surgical light, ADMECO LUX LED EL combines outstanding luminous power with impressive cost effectiveness in the operating theatre. Highly developed lens arrays ensure high light intensity and permit the construction of an LED projector compatible with the intelligent air-stream efficient ADMECO surgical light design. With the energy efficiency and longevity of its LED luminaires, ADMECO LUX LED EL makes an environmental contribution.

Always up to date thanks to modular technology

The characteristic feature of ADMECO LUX LED is the modular concept. This system permits customers to adopt all future improvements in the luminous power of LEDs simply and independently and thus to integrate them into their personal surgical lights. With this revisable LED technology, ADMECO ensures that its customer will be able to enjoy surgical lights at ever lower energy consumptions in the future.


Thanks to its lightness and ease of handling, ADMECO LUX LED EL can be easily and effortlessly moved to the required angle and comfortable position. Available in a ceiling, wall or mobile version, ADMECO LUX LED EL is the ideal solution for the widest range of room requirements.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Optimum luminous power thanks to compact design
  • Comfortable positioning thanks to the sterile grip
  • Air-stream efficient design and minimal energy requirements
  • Flexible use as ceiling- or wall-mounted or mobile version
  • Colour temperature 4200 K
  • Colour rendering index > 90
  • Upgradeable to the latest technology at any time
  • No illuminant change needed as before (lifespan of 40 000 hours)
  • ENDO mode

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